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Could the PS3 have sold more than the PS2 if all models were fully backwards compatible?

As many people know the PlayStation 3 was one of the most popular game consoles of the 2000’s decade. Since its initial release back in late ’06 the PS3 managed to reach over 83 million units worldwide in sales. Despite, not selling as much as the PlayStation 2 which did approximately 155 million units worldwide there are some who argue that the PS3 could have been more successful if every mode of the console was backwards compatible with PS2 games in general. There were models such as the PS3 20GB and the PS3 60 GB which had a list of games that were backwards compatible with PS2 opposed to the PS3 Slim.

For whatever reason Sony decided not to make the PS3 80GB backwards compatible. But seeing how cool games we got on the PS3 and how superior its visual was in comparison to the PS2 it was something that was not a major determinant to the overall success of the game system overall. Ever since the PS4 console was released back in late 2013 backwards compatibility was never used again and its something that has arguably contributed to its overall success. If anything making the all models of the PS3 backwards compatible could potentially worked against Sony similar to how Nintendo made the Wii-U following the original Wii console.

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