When it comes down to popular video games of the early 00’s it see like most of them were released for the PlayStation 2. While the Nintendo GameCube did have its share of big titles such as Metroid Prime, Mario Kart: Double Dash and others it seemed like third party games in general seemed to shine more on the PlayStation 2 opposed to the Nintendo GameCube. Also, there were many titles such Virtua Fighter 4 which was developed by Sega and released between 2001-2003 which never made it to GameCube for whatever reason Some question whether or not Virtua Fighter 4 could have been a success on the Nintendo GameCube to the same extent as it was for the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s.

On one hand Virtua Fighter 4 has the potential to be a success on GameCube since there were not too many fighting titles outside of Super Smash Bros Melee and Soul Calibur II which was one that console during the early 00’s. But then again Virtua Fighter 4 may not have earned over $23 million in America as a GameCube exclusive or sold over one million copies worldwide. Either way, seeing Virtua Fighter 4 on the Nintendo GameCube would have been interesting between 2002-2003.

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