Should Namco develop HD remakes of the Tekken trilogy?

When it comes down to PS1 classics that are highly deserving of HD Remakes the Tekken series are among a few titles that instantly comes to mind. While we are getting remakes of Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2 along with Spyro the Dragon trilogy in the future it would be pretty cool to see the Tekken trilogy in HD sometime in the future. As many people know it has been 20 years since Tekken 3 was first released on the PS1 and since then it has managed to be one of my he best selling games for that console in general. Since its release Tekken 3 has managed to sell over 8 million units worldwide on the PS1 surpassing its predecessor Tekken 2 which reached over 5 million in sales.

All first three Tekken games especially the second and third remain to be among the most popular installments within the entire series. While Tekken 7 is believed to be the final installment within the series bringing back the first three games in high definition would definitely draw a lot of attention within the gaming world. If Namco utilized the Unreal Engine 4 in relation to remaking the first three Tekken games they would all look amazing. Also, with retaining the original soundtrack for each game in additional providing HD visuals would provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

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