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Should Skies of Arcadia be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

There are so many cool games that are expected to be come out on the Nintendo Switch as we progress throughout 2018. However, there are also some retro titles that many people would love to se on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future such as Skies of Arcadia. For those who do not know Skies of Arcadia was one of the most popular RPG titles of the early 00’s when it was originally released for Dreamcast back in 2000.

Since its initial release many people have been hoping for over sixteen years that Sega would give us some type of HD remake of Skies of Arcadia. On the Nintendo Switch Skies of Arcadia would definitely stand out especially since retro games have a tendency to shine more on the hybrid console opposed to the PS4 or the Xbox One. As of right now there has been no talk of Sega on making remastered version of Skies of Arcadia on the Nintendo Switch but that could definitely change later down the line.

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