Final Fantasy VI (1994) vs Super Mario RPG (1996) which game had more success?

When it comes down to role playing 16 but titles of the early to mid 90’s Final Fantasy VI along with Super Mario RPG were seen as two of the most popular games within its genre on the SNES. In terms of which game was better really depends on who you are and whether you are more of Final Fantasy or the Super Mario series. While the Final Fantasy series is meant to have mainly RPG titles Mario games are generally action adventure platform titles.

Super Mario RPG was a very impressive role playing game with realistic sprites a new story along with new villains that were never seen in any previous Mario games. Super Mario RPG looked like a game that would have been more fitting for the N64 and received nothing but positive feedback from fans and critics. However, in terms of popularity some would give Final Fantasy VI the slight edge over Super Mario RPG.

Final Fantasy IV managed to sell at least 3 million copies worldwide on the SNES along with the PS1 since its release back in 1994. Also, Final Fantasy IV was eventually ported the Game Boy Advance back in 2006. Not only was Final Fantasy VI critically acclaimed but it also received five star ratings from publications such as All Game and GamePro as being one of the best 2D RPG titles of the 90’s. In terms of memorable 2D RPG classics Final Fantasy IV is definitely in a higher spot than the Super Mario RPG game.

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