Final Fantasy VI (1994) vs Super Mario RPG (1996) which game had more success?

When it comes down to role playing 16 but titles of the early to mid 90’s Final Fantasy VI along with Super Mario RPG were seen as two of the most popular games within its genre on the SNES. In terms of which game was better really depends on who you are and whether you are more of Final Fantasy or the Super Mario series. While the Final Fantasy series is meant to have mainly RPG titles Mario games are generally action adventure platform titles.

Super Mario RPG was a very impressive role playing game with realistic sprites a new story along with new villains that were never seen in any previous Mario games. Super Mario RPG looked like a game that would have been more fitting for the N64 and received nothing but positive feedback from fans and critics. However, in terms of popularity some would give Final Fantasy VI the slight edge over Super Mario RPG.

Final Fantasy IV managed to sell at least 3 million copies worldwide on the SNES along with the PS1 since its release back in 1994. Also, Final Fantasy IV was eventually ported the Game Boy Advance back in 2006. Not only was Final Fantasy VI critically acclaimed but it also received five star ratings from publications such as All Game and GamePro as being one of the best 2D RPG titles of the 90’s. In terms of memorable 2D RPG classics Final Fantasy IV is definitely in a higher spot than the Super Mario RPG game.

Should Mario Paint have been ported to GameCube in the 00’s?

In the eyes of some people Mario Paint was one of the coolest yet underrated titles ever released for the Super NES back in the early 90’s. The fact that Mario Paint was never re-released for the Nintendo GameCube or even the Game Boy Advance back in the 00’s is somewhat surprising. There is no doubt that GameCube had the capacity to run Mario Paint and other 2D Mario titles from the late 80’s -early 90’s Time period.

However, it was obvious that Nintendo wanted to focus more on 3D titles for GameCube such as Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion. There is no doubt that the 3D titles in the Mario series could have been easily overshadowed Mario Paint along with any other retro 2D titles from the 8 or 16 bit era of gaming. However, since Nintendo had no plans to bring Mario Paint to GameCube it would have been awesome if we had got a 3D version of the game during the early 00’s.

Would a 3D Super Mario game ever work in first person?


The idea of having first person 3D Super Mario games is something that sounds awesome in theory.  However, there are some would argue that in practice a 3D Super Mario game would not be as effective as having a third person 3D Mario game.  Back in the 8 and 16 bit era of gaming the Super Mario Bros series was mainly targeted for kids since they generally considered to be a family friendly games.  Back in the day the bad guys such as the koopa troopers and the gumba looked scary to kids especially when they lost a life to one of them as either Mario or Luigi.  The idea of playing a game such as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy and losing a life by falling off platorms or diving into lava is seems horrifying.

Super Mario Galaxy (2).jpg

Generally when it comes down to 3D platform titles they are generally better off as third person games because it seems much easier for players to navigate throughout various levels of each stage in a game.  Also, having games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy in first person would probably terrify children despite how family friendly the series is.

Could Nintendo ever pull off a shooter game featuring Mario?

Super Mario Odyssey (2)

As many of us know Mario has been around since the 80’s.  Since the NES days of gaming Mario has generally had video games in mainly within the platform genre.  However, we have seen Mario in various types of games dealing with different genres such as sports, fighting and even party.  In this day and age first and third person shooter games are very popular and it has seeming been this way since the 00’s.  Looking back at the 00’s and early 10’s it seems like Nintendo has never really done anything with the Mario series in relation to shooter genre of gaming.

Super Mario Galaxy (2)

As we are all aware Nintendo is supposed to more family friendly in comparison to Microsoft and Sony.  Depending who you are  the Mario series seemed like its always been family friendly.  However, there have been countless jokes on the internet about Mario not being family friendly as he appears to kill off countless enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopers while insinuating that he is a psycho.   In this case some wonder whether or not Nintendo could ever pull off a Super Mario shooter game in this day and age.  Seeing how Nintendo are generally considered to be creative geniuses who constantly finds ways to reinvent themselves in relation to gaming its possible that they could find a way to pull off a family friendly Super Mario shooter game just to try something new.  If we got a Mario shooter game that was family friendly and similar to a game such as Splatoon  2 then it could possibly work on the Nintendo Switch

What was the hardest 2D Super Mario game of the 90’s?

Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels.jpg

When it comes down to classic Super Mario games from the 8-16 bit era in the 80’s early 90’s the world had the chance to witness some great platform titles.  The Super Mario Bros trilogy was is considered to be legendary in the gaming world.   While Super Mario Bros 2 stood out from the first and third game since the gameplay was different players also had the option of choosing from others aside from Mario and Luigi.  While Super Mario Bros 2 is considered to be challenging there are some who would put games such as Super Mario Bros Lost Levels at the top of the list.

Super Mario All Stars.jpg

Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels was originally released in Japan for the NES in 1986.  Since its release back in the 80’s the game received a 16 bit remake and ported for the SNES as a part of Super Mario All Stars which was released in the summer of 1993.  When it comes down to stages throughout the entire Super Mario Bros Lost Levels the game kinda comes off as a more difficult version of the original Super Mario Bros game. Some might actually make the argument that Lost Levels was more difficult to complete than Super Mario World which seemed than the first three games in the series.

Should Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga have been released on home based consoles?

As successful as Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga has been for the Game Boy Advance and more recently the Nintendo 3DS there are some people who wonder how big the game could have acohave been if it started out on the Nintendo GameCube.  The cartoonish 32 bit graphics was one of the many things that made Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga appealing and having it on a home based console like GameCube could have made the title stand out as a significant RPG for that console. 

However, there was always the chance that Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga could have been overshadowed by countless titles for the Nintendo game which could have affected the amount of attention the game would have received during the early 00’s.  If Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga started off as a 3D game for the Nintendo GameCube maybe it wouhave worked but having a 32 bit RPG title for that console did not make too much sense at the time.  

Will there ever be a Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker was probably one of the most creative games for the Wii U back in 2015.  Ever since  Super Mario Maker was released for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS the game had managed to sell millions worldwide.  Super Mario Maker had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS while doing over 3 million for the Wii U since the Fall of 2015.

Whether or not we see a Super Mario Maker 2 in the future is s bit hard to tell right now especially since Super Mario Maker was released almost two years.  If Nintendo ever decides to make a Super Mario Maker 2 it will probably come in a few years since many people are still enjoying the Super Mario Maker game that was released in 2015.  The idea of having a 3D based Mario Maker title is something that would be interesting since many people are fond of titles such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.  

Should Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

The Super Mario Galaxy series was very popular for the Nintendo Wii in the mid to late 00’s and the early 10’s.  When it comes down to various aspects of each title such as gameplay, storyline and visual design they were both unforgettable platform titles for the Nintendo Wii.

Since the release of the first Super Mario Galaxy game in 2007 the game has reportedly sold at least 11 million units worldwide.  Even though, Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold less then the original it was still an enjoyable platform title for the Nintendo Wii that managed to sell over 7 million units worldwide since its release in 2010.  While it would be great  to see a re-release for both Mario Galaxy titles Nintendo is mainly focusing on the development of Super Mario Odyssey.  If we ever do get a remake or re-release of Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 it will probably be a while following the release of Super Mario Odyssey.  

Will Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle be a success for the Nintendo Switch?

If you are a fan of the Super Mario series then you know about the upcoming title that is expected to be released in August 2017.  Mario + Rabbids  Kingdom Battle is a turn based RPG game which Ubisoft has developed that is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch very soon.  One of the more interesting things about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is that the plot of the game deviates from the norm of Bowser capturing Princess Peach or trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.  

Instead this game has a more interesting plot that involves Mario and his friends teaming up with Rabbids to prevent a group of vicious Rabbids from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom.  The crossover game between the Mario and Raving Rabbids is one that many people are looking forward to which an indication on how well the game will do in terms of sales.  

Will Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga remake sell more on the Nintendo 3DS?

It’s a fact that in October 2017 the world will witness the re-release of a 2000’s classic called Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Bowser’s Minions.  When the original Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga game was released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2003 it was well received by critics and fans alike.  As far as RPG titles in the Mario series is concerned AlphaDream has managed to make this game in particular stand out to a point where people have been waiting over a year to see a remake.

After the original Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga game was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003 it had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide.  The Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga remake will not only include enhanced graphics but it will also have an additional story called Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser.  These new features along with more superior 2D gameplay that would definitely gain the interest of retro gamers who were fans of the original title.