Should Nintendo have created a 32 bit home console?

Super Nintendo (2).jpg

The fact the Nintendo had decided to make a 64 bit console over a 32 bit game system during the 90’s console wars was something that came as a shock to many people. While the Nintendo 64 was a huge commercial success along with having better visual quality than the PS1 it would have been interesting to see how well a 32 bit Nintendo home console would have done in terms sales in comparison to the likes of PS1 and the Sega Saturn.  Despite, not getting a 32 bit Nintendo home console back in the 90’s the gaming world was eventually graced with the Game Boy Advance when it was released back in part of 2001.  The Game Boy Advance had introduced players around the world to many new exciting games such as the Legacy of Goku I-II, Golden Sun, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Pokemon: Ruby & Emerald along with others.   nintendo-64-wcontroller-l

The Game Boy Advance also allowed fans of the NES & SNES to enjoy remakes of classic games such as: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Tales of Phantasia, Kirby’s Adventure, Final Fantasy I-VI and Super Mario Bros I-III.    In terms of worldwide sales the Game Boy Advance has managed to sell over 81 million units while the Nintendo 64 to do over 32 million.   It might seem strange to some but the Game Boy Advance had also managed to sell more then the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which has sold close to 50 million units worldwide since its release back in 1990.  The idea of developing a 64 bit console instead of a 32 bit game system was probably one of the best decisions that Nintendo could have made back in the mid 90’s.  If Nintendo made a 32 bit home console to compete with Sony’s PS1 it might not have done as great in terms of sales similar to how the Game Boy Advance did back in the early 00’s.

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