Should Yoshi have played a bigger role in Super Mario 64?

Super Mario 64 Yoshi.png

When it comes down to Super Mario 64 many people believe that game itself was an unforgetable classic for the N64 that Nintendo fans must play.  The 3D development and the level designs for Super Mario 64 were impressive  for its time and was probably one of the best platform games that we have ever seen on the Nintendo 64.  While Nintendo fans were excited to see a new Mario game for the N64 many people were curious about various things such as the exclusion of Luigi along with why Yoshi did not play a bigger role in this game.  In Super Mario World both Luigi and Yoshi played had much bigger roles throughout the game.  While player 1 had the ability to control Mario player 2 had the ability to control Luigi.  Yoshi was often used to help aid Mario and Luigi throughout certain stages much made completing Super Mario World that much easier.


Even though, Nintendo did not feature Luigi or give Yoshi a bigger role in Super Mario 64 the game itself was still fun to play.   The fact that the game focuses sole on Mario, Peach and Bowser is what made Super Mario 64 a good game in terms of adventure and storyline.  While giving Yoshi a bigger role in the game could have helped and made Super Mario 64 much more exciting then it was the overall success of the game in terms of sales probably would not have been any different.

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