Should there have been more 4-Player SNES games?

turtles in time

When it comes down to multiplayer games for old school game consoles they generally include titles that many people love.  Back in the 90’s the Nintendo 64 was probably one of the first game consoles were players did not have to buy a multi-tap in order to have up to four players on a single console.  Before the Nintendo 64 was released we had the Super Nintendo which only had two controller ports unless a player had a multi-tap that would allow up to four players on a game.  When it comes down to four person multiplayer games in the early 90’s there were not too many for the Super Nintendo.  In fact, one of the few games that comes to mind when we think about four person multiplayer games is Super Bomberman.  As fun as Super Bomberman was for many people there were so many other titles for the Super Nintendo that had the potential to become very popular such as TMNT: Turtles in Time and the original Super Mario Kart.

Super Bomberman 5

However, during the time period gaming companies like Nintendo were limited with the 16-bit technology they used during the early 90’s.   Along with having games such as Super Mario Kart and TMNT: Turtles in time four person multiplayer titles it would have been cool to see classic beat em up titles that would allow various people to play at once.  Games such as Final Fight would have been amazing to play with the selection of more than two players on a 16 bit console.  However, trying to make Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis games similar to arcade versions of popular games were much easier said than done back in the day.  Even though, we got our fair share of multiplayer games for the SNES there were not too many high profile 4 player games for that console unless it was a sports title such as Madden ’94-’98, NBA Live ’95-’98 or FIFA International Soccer.

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