Retro Games- WCW/nWo Revenge: (1998)


If you were a true fan of pro wrestling back in the 90’s then WCW/nWo Revenge was probably one of your favorite game for the Nintendo 64.  WCW/nWo Revenge was the sequel to WCW vs  nWo World Tour released in 1997 for the same console featuring some of the most popular wrestlers in World Championship Wrestling during the time.  WCW/nWo Revenge had not only included better in game mechanics than its predecessor but it also featured more wrestlers than WCW vs nWo World Tour.  In this game people had the option of choosing various WCW, nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpack, EWF, DAW, and Flock characters who were already unlocked at the beginning of the game.  Along with having a large roster of characters to choose from players also had the opportunity to compete for various belts in championship mode including Cruserweight, Tag Team, Television, United States and the World Heavyweight title.

One of the best things about the championship mode besides winning the title was being able to unlock hidden characters along with the series of matches you had to player through in order to achieve those things.  Other  features  that were included WCW/nWo Revenge included character intros as they walked to the ring along with run ins during matches which would add a certain level of excitement and unpredictability while people were playing this game.  WCW/nWo Revenge had so many different match types including single, tag team, battle royal which had to the overall replay value game also.  Also, the intro for WCW/nWo Revenge really got people into the game and briefly highlighted some of the main storylines in World Championship Wrestling at the time.  When it came down to developing pro wrestling games THQ was definitely among the best during the late 90’s. since their games for the Nintendo 64 are generally considered to be memorable classics by many people.

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