Gaming Consoles 10s- Nintendo Wii-U: (2012)

Its hard to believe that its been about a decade since the Wii-U console was released back in late 2012. Even though, the Wii console was considered to be a commercial failure in comparison to other Nintendo game systems; it gave the world some memorable video games as it relates to the 10s decade. The best selling and on the Wii-U console was Mario Kart 8 which initially came out back in 2014. Since its initial release Mario Kart 8 managed to reach over 8.4 million copies in sales worldwide for the Wii-U console. Mario Kart 8 became so popular that it lead to the game being re-released for the Switch console in ‘17; which eventually sold over 38 million copies worldwide within five years of its release. We also got classics on the Wii-U line Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land that were best sellers on that game system during 10’s decade as well. The Wii-U console was also the game system where Super Mario Maker made its debut. The success of Super Mario Maker from ‘15 lead to the game reaching over 4 million copies in sales for the Wii-U. Super Mario Maker became so popular that it lead to a Switch sequel which came out 2019.

While Wii-U had produced some memorable games the console suffered due to stiff competition throughout most of the 10’s decade. In late 2013 the PS4 and Xbox One was released and there were so many high profile video games on each game system that sold more than what the Wii-U had to offer. The popularity of third party games like Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4 & Xbox One was obviously detrimental to the success of the Wii-U console. Also, Call Of Duty games were absent on the Wii-U for the most part; along with the fact that the console had a short lifespan in retail. The Wii-U console was in retail from ‘12-‘17 and sold roughly over 13 million units worldwide. The Wii-U Gamepad was a nice step up from the Wii Remote which players were still able to use due to backwards compatibly capabilities. Also, the Wii-U console has far better visuals than its highly successful predecessor which displayed 480p resolution. In fact, Wii-U provided players with 1080p high definition visuals which made for a great gameplay experience. The Wii-U game pad was initially priced at $299 plus tax in America and was the best game system Nintendo had produced prior to the Switch console. Even though, Nintendo’s eighth generation console was probably the lowest selling game system of the past decade; most of the first party games on that console still holds up well in the 2020s decade.

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