Will Mario Kart 9 appear at E3 2022?

The news has recently surfaced that the highly anticipated Mario Kart 9 game is currently in development and is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch sometime within the next few years. The development for Mario Kart 9 was confirmed by Serkan Toto who is an analyst for Kantan Games. The news broke on various gaming websites and began trending on Twitter on January 7th and it’s the first official news that we have received about anything involving Mario Kart 9. Its been seven years since Mario Kart 8 was released for the Wii-U and five years since Mario Kart 8: Deluxe was released for the Nintendo Switch. Both versions of Mario Kart 8 ended up becoming highly successful with the Deluxe version reaching over 38 million in sales. As far as the upcoming Mario Kart 9 game is concerned Nintendo has yet to officially confirm anything; we also have yet to see any screenshots or gameplay footage of Mario Kart 9. However, there are many who believe that Mario Kart 9 could potentially appear at this year’s E3 2022 event in June. Also while the next Nintendo Direct event is expected to take place sometime in Q1 2022 it’s unlikely that we are going to see any new screenshots or material in relation to Mario Kart 9 at the moment. Its going to be interesting to see what Nintendo has planned for Mario Kart 9; hopefully we will learn more details about the game along with its official release date in the near future.

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