Jin Kazama vs Dante which character is more popular?

When it comes down to high profile male video game characters who were casted in protagonists roles within the past 20 years; both Dante from Devil May Cry and Jin Kazama from the Tekken series. Both characters are somewhat similar had dark personalities that would separate them from being traditional heroes which is something teenagers and young adults liked. Jin Kazama had arguably peaked in popularity during the late 90s following the release of Tekken 3 between ‘97-‘98; as the series slowly began to decline in popularity throughout a majority of the 00’s decade. Jin Kazama was mainly portrayed as a anti-hero since ‘97 debut in Tekken 3 and eventually became a villain during Tekken 6. Dante from DMC has mainly been considered hero throughout the series and the closest he came to being a full-fledged anti-hero was Devil May Cry 3. Both Jin Kazama and Dante come from two completely different worlds with separate backgrounds that shaped both of their personalities. Jin Kazama was probably a darker character than Dante because he is more of a tragic hero hereditary devil-gene he has. Also, Jin Kazama has a more tragic background involving his enmity towards Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima within the Tekken series. Dante is mainly a gun slinger seeks to protect humanity from demons which makes him very different from Jin Kazama personality wise. In terms of which character is more popular depends on what video game series you are more a fan of. While the Tekken series had a peak period between ‘95-‘99 and arguably during ‘15-‘16 with the T7 game Devil May Cry had remained relevant throughout a majority of the 00’s. Also, Devil May Cry 5 is arguably one of the most popular action role-playing games out right now since its release back in 2019. While Jin Kazama might be more iconic Dante from Devil May Cry is currently more relevant as it relates to contemporary gaming.

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