NFL 2K5- Best football game of the 2000’s?

As far as legendary football games are concerned one of the few titles within the sports genre as it relates to the 2K that has aged well over the past two decades is 2K5 from 2004. NFL 2K5 is a game that many critics speak very highly of over fifteen years later and its overall quality had lasting appeal. There were many things about NFL 2K5 that people enjoyed including its in-depth Franchise Mode along with the presentation of its pregame, halftime and wrap-up shows. NFL 2K5 had exceeded the expectations of many people and was probably better than any Madden or Gameday title that came before the mid 00’s. As far as iconic high profile football games from the past are concerned some would put NFL 2K5 in the game category as Temco Bowlfor the NES from the late 80’s. Its such a shame that the NFL 2K series came to an end after ‘04 and that Sega had stopped publishing mainstream pro football games in general. While there are so many football fans around the world who still enjoy the Madden series; it would of be interesting to see what the NFL 2K series could have evolved into during the 2010’s. As far as NFL 2K5 being the best football game of the 2000’s is concerned everyone has their own respective opinion in regards to that question. If NFL 2K5 is not on the top of everyone’s list in terms of being the best football game of the 00’s; its most likely a game that would be within their top five.

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