Did Nintendo release any good SNES titles during the late 90’s?

Its a bit shocking to know that Nintendo was still releasing SNES games exclusively in Japan by the late 90’s especially since the console came out in 1990. By the time we got to the mid to late 90’s the SNES along with 16-bit gaming in general had declined in popularity in favor of 3D gameplay. Even though, N64 along with the PS1 console had dominated the second half of the 90’s decade; Nintendo had put out some surprising good 16-bit titles on the SNES that was never ported overseas to America back then. There were Japanese exclusive SNES games such as like Kirby Dreamland 3, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 from the ‘97-‘99 period which were considered hidden gems on the SNES. As far as Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 was concerned the visuals, storyline and graphics looked better than RPG SNES titles from the early 90’s. Its a bit shocking that Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 was never released in 3D for the N64 since that console desperately needed RPGs. Despite, having less success than pretty much every other installment within the Fire Emblem series; Thracia 776 it was very popular in Japan on the SNES during the Fall of 1999.

Also, Kirby Dreamland 3 which followed its ‘95 Game Boy prequel was also pretty impressive visually but not quite as strong of an entry as Kirby Super Star from ‘96 for the SNES. We also had other titles such as MegaMan & Bass appeared on the SNES console in ‘98 which critics generally speak favorably about aside from its difficulty level. While MegaMan & Bass was not nearly as popular as MegaMan X from ‘93 the GBA version of the game from ‘02-‘03 was definitely an attraction to long time fans of the series during that time period. While the SNES had a few games from the late 90’s that could have caught the casual viewers eye; they most likely would have been overshadowed due the early 90’s. Between ‘92-‘96 we got games such as Secret Of Mana, Mega Man X, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart; along other classics that were more memorable than SNES titles from the late 90’s. The SNES console had surprisingly managed to remain in retail for approximately a decade before it was discontinued in 1999 during a time period where it had become irrelevant.

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