Retro Gaming 00’s- Project Justice: (2000)

The start of the new millennium was such a wonderful time to be alive especially since there were so many awesome video games that came from the year 2000. One of the few overlooked titles from the fighting genre that appeared on the Sega Dreamcast in ‘00 was Capcom’s Project Justice. The Project Justice game was the direct sequel to Rival Schools: United By Fate from ‘97 which also had an arcade release. While the arcade version of Project Justice was fun and exciting the Dreamcast port was more impressive. Players not only had the opportunity to play through Arcade mode but there were various other gameplay options as well. The Dreamcast port of Project Justice gave players the options of playing through modes such as Versus, Tournament, Practice and League Battle. If players selected the Arcade option players could Story and Free Mode. The Free Mode was pretty cool because players could form their own team despite not having a storyline. The gameplay for Project Justice was pretty unique for its time because there were hardly any 3D titles like it during the time. Project Justice was a 3D fighting game that felt like a cross between the older KOF arcade games and Marvel vs Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes.

Not only could players change the lineup of their characters in team battles but they could also call on their partners for assistance. Players could utilize Team-Up Attacks, Team-Up Specials and Party Up attacks due battle while trying to replenish their five level vigor meter. Each group attack took up a certain amount of meters depending on what players choose. Also, Project Justice saw the return of character creation mode which was initially introduced in the ‘98 home console prequel United By Fate. Project Justice is a game that deserves far more credit than it actually gets because it was a more complex fighting game; than Street Fighter III: 3rd strike despite not being as successful on a commercial level. While games like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike had some dialogue within its arcade mode along with limited freedom in terms of opponent selection; Project Justice had a story mode with 2D cutscenes that could branch out depending on the results of various fights and decisions made by the player. Its a bit shocking that Capcom has never remastered Project Justice or even made a sequel to the game for the PS2 sometime during the 00’s decade. Either way, the gameplay for Project Justice was very impressive and in some ways surpassed Tekken Tag Tournament in gameplay despite not being nearly as popular.

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