Retro Gaming 90’s- WcW Mayhem: (1999)

WcW Mayhem was a pro wrestling game that was developed by Kodiac Interactive 2n Productions and published by Electronic Arts from 1999. WcW Mayhem featured almost all of the top stars from World Championship Wrestling from ‘99 such as: Hollywood Hogan, Goldberg, DDP, Kevin Nash, Sting, Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio Jr and many more. WcW Mayhem was one of the very first pro wrestling games that allowed players to fight backstage as well as in the ring. The backstage brawling feature was seen as a plus for a game that looked inferior in comparison to the likes for WWF WrestleMania 2000 which was also released in ‘99 as a N64 exclusive. Along with having an Exhibition mode WcW Mayhem had Quest For The Best which allowed players to rise through rankings in order to compete for various championships including the TV, United States and World titles. Players also had the option to create their own wrestler which was also a nice feature but the customization option felt limited compared to WWF WrestleMania 2000. The graphics for WCW Mayhem looked great and was among the few positives that the game had to offer. However, the gameplay for WcW Mayhem was horrible in comparison to WcW/nWo Revenge from 1998.

In comparison to just about every other WcW game from the mid to late 90’s Mayhem was not the worst. WcW Mayhem was also not among the best pro wrestling games from the 90’s decade either. WcW Mayhem was a better game than its successor WcW Backstage Assault from 2000 which is arguably one of the worst pro wrestling games of all-time. However, WcW Mayhem was far from being the best pro wrestling games from the 90’s especially with games like WcW vs The World, WcW World Tour and WcW/nWo Revenge. WcW Mayhem was a game that only die hard fans of the World Championship Wrestling could get probably get into opposed to casual gamers. Despite, the negative reviews WcW Mayhems received following its release in ‘99 its still considered a better game than WWE 2K20 which came out 20 years later in 2019.

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