What does the future hold for Diablo IV?

As people know Diablo IV was first announced back at BlizzCon 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment for an upcoming release on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Diablo IV will be the sequel to the Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls expansion pack from ‘14 and will feature Mephisto & Lilith as the main antagonists. Based on what we know Diablo IV will include four playable classes, PVP along with an open world environment. While long time fans of the Diablo series have high expectations for this upcoming game; the news recently broke that Blizzard has cut ties with key staff members who were apart of the development team for Diablo IV. It was learned that Luis Barriga the game director along with Jesse McCree lead designer for Diablo IV were both let go by Blizzard. Also, Jonathan LeCraft who was a designer for World Of Warcraft had also been released by Blizzard Entertainment without any real explanation. Its mainly speculation as to why staff members from the development team were let go by Blizzard. However, there has been a ton of controversy surrounding Blizzard in regards to discrimination and sexual harassment; to a point where the company found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit in California.

There are numerous people around the world within the gaming community who are questioning how this shocking news will affect the overall direction of Diablo IV. While its clear as day that Diablo IV will not be released this year its almost impossible to tell when it will come out. Even though, Tiffany Wat is still the producer for Diablo IV the fact that the game currently has no director at the moment is a huge deal. In fact, the development for Diablo IV will take longer than initially expected and we might end up with a significantly different final product than what was originally planned. As of right now its way to early to speculate on when Diablo IV will be released and it seems unlikely that its going to happen in 2022. At this rate Diablo IV may not come out until the mid 20’s because the game is still early in development and should be well polished before its release opposed to being rushed. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Diablo IV before the end of the year as it relates to who the new director for the game will be.

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  1. I remember doing a write up a while back on Diablo IV and I am beginning to see the writing on the wall. With the losses Blizzard has been taking, if they deliver a subpar title in the series it could be bad news for investors and shareholders. Furthermore, upon doing my own digging there is yet to be anything concrete on things which should already be established…looks like this will not make the 2022 deadline imo. Great piece

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