Dying Light: Platinum Editon set for Switch release in October 2021!!!

It looks like Techland’s critically acclaimed survival horror game from ‘15 will finally be making its way to the Switch console. As many know Dying Light released for the PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows a few years ago. The survival-horror game was obviously meant to appear to young adults who were mainly buys of the PS4 and Xbox One game systems. One reasons why we probably never saw Dying Light on the Wii-U between ‘15-‘16 was because the console was considered a commercial failure. The original version of Dying Light utilized the Chrome Engine 6 which was also used for the Dead Island game from 2011. The plot for Dying Light revolved around the main protagonist Kyle Crane traveling in a Middle Eastern city known as Harran. Dying Light provided players with open world gameplay within the enemy infested quarantine zone of Harran; while they try to survive utilizing various skills including parkour and setting enemy traps. Along with the post apocalyptic setting and realism in relation gameplay; the inclusion of multiple endings depending on how the is played added to its replay value. Dying Light provided players with access to over hundred different weapons all which can be customized within the game.

Based on what we know Dying Light: Platinum Edition four DLC packs along with seventeen different skins bundles. The Switch version of Dying Light support 4-player co-op gameplay and added weapons for a more rich gameplay experience. The Platinum Edition of Dying Light will be making its way to the Switch console right before the highly anticipated release of Dying Light 2 on December 7th. As it currently stands Dying Light 2: Stay Human is not set to appear on the Switch; but if the game is popular enough it could definitely happen later down the line. However, Dying Light 2 will be featured on new generation consoles like the PS5 & Xbox Series X; while also being available for the PS4 and the Xbox One. There is no question that both Dying Light titles will be among of the hottest video games in retail in early 2022.

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  1. Nintendo are so smart, why develop newer games when you can update classics and port them to your consoles. I am confident that the Switch will be around for a while with their strategy of a legit portable console despite the lack luster library it is still good for at running what it has smoothly.

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