Did N64 have better games than GameCube?

As many people know the N64 and GameCube consoles are considered to be legendary within the gaming world. The N64 was Nintendo’s first 3D game system ever and was more superior than the PS1 in terms of graphics and gameplay. The N64 has titles such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Super Smash Bros which were all best sellers on that console. The Super Mario 64 game reached over 11 million copies in worldwide sales following its ‘96 release. Super Mario 64 ended selling way more on the N64 than Super Smash Bros Melee did on GameCube following its release in November 2001. Super Smash Bros Melee was the best selling title for the Nintendo GameCube console reaching over 7.4 million in sales. Despite, Super Smash Bros Melee selling less than Super Mario 64 from ‘96 many would argue that the game itself was more enjoyable. One of the main reasons why GameCube titles sold less than N64 games was because the console was considered to be a commercial failure for the most part. The GameCube console only reached over 21 million units in sales while N64 reached close to 33 million.

However, along with Super Smash Bros Melee there were still some awesome titles from the GameCube era of the early 00’s. Along, with Super Smash Bros Melee we got to see games like Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash and Zelda: Wind Waker which all came out between ‘01-‘03. There is no question that GameCube had some memorable games but its also obvious that competition from Sony PS2 console was detrimental to the console’s overall success. Also, the emergence of Microsoft’s Xbox console in ‘01 made competition more fierce which caused GameCube to suffer in sales. While GameCube had some top-tier video games the titles on the N64 are considered to be more nostalgic because of the time period they were released in. N64 titles came out during a time period where the gaming industry was evolving in terms of making transitions from 2D to 3D gameplay in almost every main genre imaginable. Everyone has their own respective opinions on which era of Nintendo games is the best. While the quality of GameCube titles were more advanced compared the preceding generation the N64 arguably had more memorable games overall.

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