Retro Gaming 00’s- Super Mario Strikers: (2005)

When comes down to classic titles from the GameCube era that was popular during the mid 00’s; Super Mario Strikers is one of the few games from that time period that stands out. Super Mario Strikers was created by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo and released for GameCube in 2005. Super Mario Strikes was a sports game similar to that of Mario Tennis series which technically started in ‘95 on Virtual Boy. While the Mario Tennis series began to increase in popularity following the N64 installment from 00’s; Nintendo decided to try something new with Super Mario Super Strikers and it became far more successful than most people initially expected. The gameplay for Super Mario Strikers was set up like your standard professional football/soccer game. There were five players on each team which consisted of one captain along with three sidekicks in the outfield helping them score goals on the opposing team. While trying to score goals in each game players could tackle their opponents along with hitting them if neither party was in possession of the ball. Also, captains were able to earn two points for each goal if they utilized Super Strikes which was an exclusive feature that other players on the team did not have.

Similar to Mario Tennis players were able to utilize various items and other power ups to gain the upper hand against the opposing team necessary. Obviously, Mario had the best power-ups because he was the main protagonist of the game. Also, Super Mario Strikers allowed up to four players simultaneously and included exciting game modes like Grudge Match and Cup battles; which added to the overall excitement of the game itself. The one of the major drawbacks of Super Mario Strikers was the fact that it lacked a story mode which would have made the game more interesting. However, Super Mario Strikers had a good roster and popular names from Nintendo including Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Wario, Peach, Yoshi, Toad and others. Despite, GameCube not being a commercial success in comparison to other Nintendo consoles; Super Mario Strikers reached at least 1.6 million in sales. Super Mario Strikers also spawned a direct sequel entitled Super Mario Strikers Charged which appeared on the Wii console in 2007. Those who are into multiplayer fantasy sports games and were looking to have a good time; Super Mario Strikers was the perfect title for GameCube owners to have during the mid 00’s.

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