Retro Gaming 90’s- Metal Storm: (1991)

When it comes down to classic NES platformers titles like Metal Storm are often overlooked especially considering time it was released. Metal Storm was developed by Tamtex and published by Irem and was released exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1991. As many people know the NES console was starting to get old by the early 90’s especially after Sega released the 16-but Mega Drive console in 1988. Also, SNK released the Neo Geo AES back in ’90 which was a console that produced arcade quality gameplay. However, the NES was still somewhat of an attraction in the early 90’s despite Nintendo launched their 16-bit SNES console in 1990. But games like Metal Storm were definitely overshadowed on the NES by a variety of other titles produced by gaming companies like Capcom, Konami, Temco, etc. Nintendo also had first party titles such as Super Mario Bros I-III, Zelda I-II and many others that were best sellers on the 8-bit NES console during the 80’s. The cover art and gameplay for Metal Storm had unique look especially since reminiscent of the Gundam franchise which began in 1979. Metal Storm had pretty basic yet intriguing plot that involved players saving the Earth from destruction.

The setting for Metal Storm took place at the start of the 26th century where players eventually learn that the solar system has been colonized. Also, a laser gun on the defense outpost of Pluto capable of destroying planets had malfunctioned which lead to the destruction of Neptune. The main objective for this game was for players to utilize the M-308 Gunner to self-destruct the nuclear weapon on Pluto to prevent the destruction of Earth. Metal Storm featured six different stages each with two acts with the difficulty increasing as players got toward the end. One of the few features about Metal Storm that was pretty cool was the “reverse gravity” mechanic; a concept that became popular following the release of Capcom’s Strider game from 1989. Metal Storm looked great on the NES visually and could have possibly been a bigger attraction than it was on the Super NES back in ’91-’92. Even though, Metal Storm did not get as much attention in western countries like America; its still considered to be an underrated 8-bit classic for the NES.

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