Did Wario deserve a N64 game during the 90’s?

Its very strange to think about the fact that Wario never got his own N64 for game like Mario did in 1996. As many people know Wario made his video game debut back in ’92 as the main antagonist on Super Mario Land 2; 6 Golden Coins. Following his villainous role in ’92 Wario was often presented as a anti-hero after he stopped feuding with Mario and had his own video game series. The very first video game where Wario was presented as a protagonist was Super Mario Land 3 which came out for Game Boy in 1994. There were also titles such as Virtual Boy Wario Land, Wario Land II and Wario Land III from ’95-’00; which many gaming publications and players found very impressive following their respective releases. There no question that Wario was making a huge splash on Game Boy systems during the mid to late 90’s. Despite, not being nearly as popular as his former arch-nemesis Mario there are some who believed that Wario had enough value to his name to have a self-titled N64 game. As many people know Super Mario 64 from ’96 is considered to be legendary as a 3D platformer for the N64.

Super Mario 64 was the number one bestselling game for the N64 reaching over 11 million copies worldwide in sales. We also got to see the release of several other high profile video games on the N64 including Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros and more; which had sales numbers that ranged between five and 10 million copies in sales. While having a Wario 64 game for the N64 would have been delightful its uncertain on how well it would of done on a commercial level. Its quite possible that a Wario 64 game would have reached over one or two million in sales only to be eclipsed by Mario, Zelda, 007 Goldeneye, Donkey Kong and others. However, if Nintendo gave us a Wario 64 game with similar game to that of Super Mario 64 it would have been a very exciting platform title. In fact, Wario having a very successful game on the N64 between ’97-’00 could have possibly made him a bigger attraction than Mario’s brother Luigi. Even though, Wario managed to get his own console game during ’03 for GameCube; it was not quite as successful as many people would of expected to be. While Warioland from ’03 was considered to be a solid and adventurous platformer; Wario’s best games after Super Mario Land 2 were mainly on Game Boy between ’95-’00.

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