Will there ever be a TitanFall 3?

As many people know the TitanFall series began back in 2014 and since then it has become very popular within the first person shooter genre as it relates to the 10’s decade. While the first TitanFall title from ’14 was critically acclaimed and praised by various gaming publications for being a huge attraction as a online multiplayer game; the sequel TitanFall 2 from ’16 is a game that is still considered to be a huge attraction among gamers. Its hard to believe that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts released TitanFall 2 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows over five years ago. Its baffling as to why Electronic Arts have never released or even announced a direct sequel to TitanFall 2 seeing how popular it became with fans of the first person shooter genre. TitanFall 2 had was a first person shooter that had so many positives especially in comparison to its predecessor from 2014. One of the biggest things about TitanFall 2 that people adored the most were the visuals. The graphics for TitanFall 2 were more refined and polished and the game’s FPS looked absolutely stunning.

Those who are not huge fans of Battle Royale type gameplay TitanFall 2 offered exciting online multiplayer gameplay that would have players addicted to it. Also, there were many people who enjoyed the single-player campaign mode in TitanFall 2; which arguably could of been slightly longer than it was. Overall, TitanFall 2 was arguably the one of the best first person shooter games from ’16 and whether or not there will ever be a sequel is something that is questionable. A potential TitanFall 3 game would definitely turn heads within the gaming world and would most likely be a mainstream attraction before its release. However, trying to top the overall quality of TitanFall 2 would most likely be a difficult task on the part of Respawn Entertainment. An online petition of some sort would probably urge Electronic Arts to take action to produce a TitanFall 3 if the demand is high enough among gamers. While TitanFall 3 seems unlikely to happen at the moment lets hope that the series itself is dead because it could still be a huge attraction in the 20’s decade.

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