Mario Golf: Super Rush set for Switch release in Summer 2021!!!

It was recently announced at Nintendo Direct that a new fantasy sports game entitled Mario Golf: Super Rush will be coming to the Switch console in Summer 2021. Based on what we know Mario Golf: Super Rush not only has multiplayer gameplay that allows up to a party of four; it also includes an RPG based story mode. It should be noted that unlike previous installments within the Mario Golf series there is more emphasis on realism in terms of gameplay. Mario Golf: Super Rush departs from the cartoonish elements of gameplay seen in previous installments including the use of power ups. However, upcoming Mario Golf game as come cool new features as well including motion controls when swinging their golf club with their Joy-Con controller. The Speed Golf gameplay mode is also very unique and interesting because it allows players to finish a game in a short period of time compared to standard golf.

The story mode of Mario Golf: Super Rush is most likely going to the main attraction in this game as it relates to features. Mario Golf: Super Rush give players the opportunity to enroll their own custom Mii characters within a prestigious golf club; in order to transition from being a rookie to a pro golf player. Throughout, the story players will interact and play against various characters from the Mushroom Kingdom; while being able to improve their Mii character’s attributes. Based on what we know confirmed characters that are going to be included in Mario Golf: Super Rush are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi along Princess Daisy. Its quite possible that more DLC characters may be included in Mario Golf: Super Rush later down the line after its upcoming release in June 25th. Camelot has been working on Mario Golf titles since ’99 during the N64 era gaming; and its amazing to see how they have improved the quality of their games in over the past 20 years.

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