Retro Gaming 10’s- WWE 12: (2011)

There are many pro wrestling fans people who remember the WWE ’12 game which came out back in ’11. WWE ’12 was the very first installment within the 2K series and provided players with updates of various gameplay features that were included in Smackdown vs Raw 2011. In WWE ’12 we got refined gameplay in relation to the grapple system making it easier for those who were new to Yuke’s and THQ pro-wrestling games. While scraping the strong/weak grapple system from SvR 2011 was something that people were bummed about; but there were modifications made within the gameplay to make matches look more realistic. During matches players could perform surprise attacks while being ground. Also, kicking out when being pinned became more difficult depending on the level of damage players or their opponents took. The “Dynamic Comeback” feature was also a nice touch that added to the quality of matches; along with the new “Breaking Point” submission game. The return of “Universe Mode” was something that many people were delighted to see. The inclusion of more cutscenes along with random booking of shows made for an exciting yet unpredictable experience.

The Universe Mode allowed people to play as whoever was hey wanted while creating title matches and changing the crowd reactions that wrestlers received from fans. The graphics in WWE ’12 looked better that of SvR 2011 and even saw the return of Road to Wrestlemania mode. The Road To Wrestlemania mode in WWE ’12 was a bit different in comparison to that of SvR ’10-’11. Instead of having multiple superstars with their own separate storylines all the story’s in WWE ’12 are connected. In WWE ’12 players had the Hero, Villain and the Outsider storylines were the main character of each consists of Sheamus, Triple H and a fictional CAW by the name of Jacob Cass. The Road To Wrestlemania in WWE ’12 took place within the time span of eighteen months; with the final match taking place at WCW Starrcade. While the Road To Wrestlemania for WWE ’12 received a mixed reception from critics; it was one of the more interesting storylines that we saw within the 2K series during the 10’s decade.

The roster of characters in WWE ’12 included many big names such as: John Cena, Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Kane, Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar and others who were all non DLC characters which was pretty cool. Those who wanted to download extra playable characters they could do so with the likes of The Rock, Macho Man, Jerry Lawler who could be purchased online. Despite, the fact that WWE ’12 was released almost ten years ago its still a game that many people probably take for granted. WWE ’12 was miles ahead of what we saw in games such as WWE ’15, ’18 & ’20 and is a title that many pro-wrestling fans would probably play today.

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