Retro Gaming 10’s- Splatoon: (2015)

The original Splatoon game from ’15 was one of the best games that appeared on the Wii-U following its release. In terms of visual presentation the graphics looked incredible and was considered to be one of the strongest positives of Splatoon in general. Also, Nintendo had finally managed to create a first party third person shooter game that was appealing to children; without crossing the boarders of being too violent. The concept of players controlling inklings who could shapeshift between humanoid and squid forms was one that was both creative and intriguing. In addition, to having four online multiplayer game modes Splatoon also had a single player campaign mode that revolved a territorial conflict with the Octarians. The story for Splatoon see war veteran Cap n’ Cuttlefish recruit players to go on a reduce mission to retrieve the Great Zapfish; which was known to be the main soul of power within Inkopolis. What made the story or Splatoon even more interesting was the fact conflict between the Inklings and the Octarians had been taking place for almost a century. Despite, the storyline for the campaign mode lacking depth Splatoon was a game that targeted kids more so than adults.

During gameplay players could collect Power Eggs and various other power-ups that would help give them the advantage over their enemies. The secondary weapons utilized in combat such as: sprinklers and ink-filled balloons were beneficial to players; because it contributed to the strategical aspect of the gameplay in Splatoon. Also, players were provide with various options as it relates to weapons including: Sloshers, Ink Brushes and Splat Rollers which were generally good for melee combat. Throughout, Splatoon players could utilize currency to purchase weapons and were also able to customize their characters with clothing. As far as online gaming is concerned in relation the Wii-U Splatoon was probably one of the most entertaining games of 2015. Those who had access to online gameplay had a choice to select from modes such as: Splat Zones, Turf Wars, Rainmaker and Tower Control. The online multiplayer game modes in Splatoon allowed up to a maximum of eight players which added to the game’s overall replay value. As far as offline multiplayer modes are concerned players could compete in Battle Dojo which only allowed two players.

While some might argue that Splatoon should have had more local multiplayer modes the game itself still ended up becoming very successful. In fact, it was reported back in September 2020 that Splatoon managed to sell over 4.9 million copies within five years; despite the fact that the Wii-U had been discontinued in retail back in early 2017. Splatoon ended up be the 6th best sell game for the Wii-U overall and spawned a far more successful sequel for the Nintendo Switch back in Summer 2017. Splatoon 2 reached over 11 million units in sales on the the Nintendo Switch since its release in 2017; with series overall having reach more than 16 million copies in sales worldwide. There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Splatoon was the best third person shooter game for the Wii-U; despite the console itself being considered a commercial failure.

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