Could Microsoft’s original console have sold more during the late 90’s?

As many people know Microsoft’s original Xbox console was released almost 20 years ago back in November 2001. The original Xbox console was created to compete with the likes of PlayStation 2 released back in late ’00 along with Nintendo GameCube which came out in November ’01. When we looked at the sales of each game system that came out between ’00-’01 There is no question at all on which console had the most success. The PlayStation 2 ended up reaching over 158 million units in sales since its release in ’00 which was reported by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe back in 2013. The original Xbox game systems managed to reach roughly around 24 million in sales while GameCube hit roughly over 21 million. There people who believe that the original Xbox console could have been more successful during the late 90’s. One of the main problems with the original Xbox game system was that it did not have enough time to sell more than it did; Microsoft’s next generation console at the time known as Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 approximately four years following the debut of their first game system. By the mid 00’s more people were purchasing game systems such as PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 which definitely had a huge impact on the sales of the original Xbox console. Not to mention the Xbox 360 was backwards compatible so there was really no real reason for people to continue buying the original Xbox console from the mid 00’s onwards.

If Microsoft had released the original Xbox game system sometime around ’98-’99 it could have not only sold more than it did would have also been a great alternative to the likes of Dreamcast & N64 as it relates to high quality 3D gaming. Also, it should be noted that 3D first person shooters were starting to become somewhat popular during the late 90’s with the release of games such GoldenEye 007, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life and others titles within that genre. There were games on the original Xbox console such as Halo I & II that could of been big during the late 90’s and have also sold more than they did if Microsoft entered the console wars during that time period. Despite, the lead that Sony has within the console wars during the mid to late 90’s the original Xbox console could have definitely rivaled the top game systems that existed back then.

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