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Will the PlayStation VR 2 reach over one million in sales within its first year?

As many people may have alley heard the PlayStation 5 along with the PSVR is expected to be released sometime between late 2019 and 2020 in the future which has many people very excited. While Virtual Reality has become popular in relation to video games since the PSVR was first introduced by Sony in October 2016 there are some who wonder whether or not the PSVR 2 will be even more successful following its upcoming release alongside the PlayStation 5. After all, the PlayStation VR headsets managed to reach over 3 million units in sales worldwide and since its release we have seen many cool titles such as Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Tetris Effect, Doom VFR and many others which were big enough attractions to make people want to purchase them over time. However, it took over two years for the PlayStation VR to reach over 3 million units worldwide in sales so the idea of the PSVR reaching one million within one is something that is highly questionable.

While the Virtual Reality gameplay is something that makes Sony’s PlayStation 4 console standout from its competitors such as the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch it should be noted that it has yet to reach its peak in popularity. As it currently stands it’s too early to tell how much success the PSVR 2 will have within its first year but it will definitely have the potential to surpass the PSVR sales overall following its upcoming release.

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