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Is Sony completely finished with backwards compatibility on game systems?

As many people know the PlayStation 5 is expected to appear sometime between 2019-2020 and as it currently stands it does not look like Sony plans on adding backwards compatibility to this upcoming game system. After all, the PlayStation 4 had absolutely no backwards compatibility with PS3 games and it managed to be probably the best selling game system of the 10’s decade. While PS2 was Sony’s best selling game system it was backwards compatible with PS1 titles and managed to become the highest selling console of all-time. Even though, models of the PS3 were backwards compatible with certain PS2 titles it still fell short of at least 20 million units worldwide in sales to that of the PlayStation 2 which reached around 154 million.

Since its release back in late 2013 the PlayStation 4 managed to reach over 86 million units worldwide in sales. It seems like the PS4 has managed to become highly successful without backwards compatibility this decade and adding that feature to the PlayStation 5 could possibly be detrimental to its overall success. For those who enjoy backwards compatibility in relation to older generation titles consoles such as the Xbox One would be most suitable for you especially since there is no indication whatsoever that Sony will be adding backwards compatibility to their upcoming game console.

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