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Is the Nintendo Switch a more successful game system than the Xbox One?

Ever since, the Nintendo Switch was first released in retail stores worldwide it has become one of the most popular game consoles that we have see so far in the 10’s decade. In fact, in less than two years the Nintendo Switch has sold at least 20 million units worldwide surpassing the likes of the Wii-U and the Sega Dreamcast as far as sales are concerned. As of right now the sales figures for the sales in relation to the Xbox One is unclear but research analysts have speculated that it sold somewhere between 15-20 million units worldwide. Its quite possible that the Xbox One ended up sell more but the fact is the Nintendo Switch definitely ended up selling more in a short period of time than the Xbox One which was released back in late 2013.

Some might argue that high pricing and backwards compatibility were factors in relation to why the Xbox One flopped in sales in comparison to the PlayStation 4 which reached approximately 83 million in sales. In terms of graphics and visual quality along with having more storage space in relation to memory the Xbox One definitely seems like a more superior game console than the Nintendo Switch. However, the $299.99 price tag for the Nintendo Switch was more appealing than what Microsoft was selling the Xbox One for which was $499.99 when it was first released. But there is no question that the Nintendo Switch will most likely end up selling more than the Xbox One has in the past five years or so.

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