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Should a remastered version Banjo Koozie be released for the Nintendo Switch?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that its been 20 years since Banjo Kazooie was released for the Nintendo 64. Ever since, Banjo Kazooie appeared on the N64 back in 1998 it has been seen as one of the most popular titles for that game system. Following its release in June 1998 Banjo Kazooie had managed to reach over 3.6 million copies in sales and ended up being within the top ten of the best selling titles for the Nintendo 64. Since then Banjo Kazooie was ported for the Xbox 360 but seeing how shooter games were very popular during the late 00’s the game did not sell as much as it did on the N64.

The idea of re-releasing Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo Switch sounds like a great idea. Not only does Banjo Kazooie have the potential to stand out more on the Nintendo Switch but its quite possible that the game will sell at least one million copies in the hybrid console due to nostalgia that would appeal to retro gamers from the late 90’s. There is no doubt that Rare and Nintendo should do something special in the future in relation to the original Banjo Kazooie since its a 3D platform action adventure classic that is still loved to this day.

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