As of right now one of the top RPG’s that the world is looking forward to seeing next year is a game developed and published by Bandi Namco Studio called Code Vein. Originally, Code Vein was set to appear on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One this year but was pushed so Bandi Namco Studio can produce a more polished game. It should noted that the gameplay will highly resemble that of Dark Souls and will include both single and multiplayer gameplay in this post apocalyptic third-person RPG. As far as how much Code Vein will see before 2020 is concerned that is something which is tougher to predict.

After all, the exact release date for Code Vain has yet to be revealed. Also, in terms of whether or not the game will sell over one million copies within a year is concerned it really depends on which quarter of the year Bandi Namco decides to release the game in. If Code Vein is released within the first half of 2019 then it can more than likely reach over one copies within a year. However, as far as the RPG genre of gaming is concerned competition is going to be fierce especially with titles such as Kingdom Hearts III and the Resident Evil 2: Remake coming out for the PS4 along with the Xbox One in 2019.

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