Zelda II: Adventure of Link (1987) vs Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (1987) which was more popular?

When we think about popular video games from the 80’s that was on the NES there are many people who instantly think about the Legend of Zelda along with the Castlevania series. There are many people who have differing opinions on which series more popular especially since the stories for both are very different, In 197, Nintendo released the second game in the Zelda series known as “The Adventure of Link” while Konami developed Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. Both games are considered to be legendary classics that retro gamers would still play to this day.

While Zelda II: Adventure of Link was unique due to its differing gameplay from both its predecessor and its successor Castlevania II: Similarly Quest was praised for its improvement from the original game with the inclusion of the day/night mechanic which made enemy batty more realistic. Despite, Zelda II: Adventure of Link becoming success the game is often seen as the black sheep of the NES Zelda trilogy. The gameplay in Zelda II which facilitated between overhead view and side scrolling action was a style that Nintendo never used in any other game within the series since 1987. While the Zelda series in general is more popular than Castlevania some would still argue that Simon’s Quest was slightly better in terms of gameplay. But in terms of which game is more popular many would most lines give the slight edge to Zelda II: Adventure of Link.

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