Should there have been more first person shooters for the NES?

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s 2D action-adventure platform games were very popular along with run and gun titles. One of the genres that was not nearly as popular as others during the 8-bit & 16-bit era of gaming were first person shooters. First person shooters did not become popular on a mainstream level until the 00’s and games such as Duck Hunt felt like it was way ahead of its time. There were 8-bit classics such Freedom Force, Laser Invasion, Hogan’s Alley along with Duck Hunt which made NES gameplay more interesting during the 80’s. Its a known fact that Sega’s Master System despite being more superior in graphics & gameplay was not quite as innovative as Nintendo was in relation to the NES or SNES for that matter. While the NES had its own customized zapper the SNES had features Mode 7 which added to the appeal of both consoles. If anything the SNES should of had more games that utilized the Super Scope zapper since the console had better graphics despite not selling as much as the NES did from ’83-’03.

As far as Nintendo based first person shooters are concerned Duck Hunt was probably one of the most high profile titles from genre making people wonder why a sequel was never made. As impressive as Duck Hunt looked for the NES at the time the game was not really a best seller for the 8-bit console despite how innovative it was. Also, first person games like Duck Hunt really did not have a plot and relied more on players complete a series of objectives which generally seemed uninteresting. Having more first person shooter games for the NES would not have made the 8-bit console anymore of an attraction than it was during the 80’s seeing how the Super Mario Bros & The Legend Of Zelda series blew up in popularity during that time period.

Zelda II: Adventure of Link (1987) vs Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (1987) which was more popular?

When we think about popular video games from the 80’s that was on the NES there are many people who instantly think about the Legend of Zelda along with the Castlevania series. There are many people who have differing opinions on which series more popular especially since the stories for both are very different, In 197, Nintendo released the second game in the Zelda series known as “The Adventure of Link” while Konami developed Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. Both games are considered to be legendary classics that retro gamers would still play to this day.

While Zelda II: Adventure of Link was unique due to its differing gameplay from both its predecessor and its successor Castlevania II: Similarly Quest was praised for its improvement from the original game with the inclusion of the day/night mechanic which made enemy batty more realistic. Despite, Zelda II: Adventure of Link becoming success the game is often seen as the black sheep of the NES Zelda trilogy. The gameplay in Zelda II which facilitated between overhead view and side scrolling action was a style that Nintendo never used in any other game within the series since 1987. While the Zelda series in general is more popular than Castlevania some would still argue that Simon’s Quest was slightly better in terms of gameplay. But in terms of which game is more popular many would most lines give the slight edge to Zelda II: Adventure of Link.

Thunder Force II (1988) vs Super R-Type (1991) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to the scrolling shooter genre of gaming there are many retro gamers who remember titles such as the R-Type and the Thunder Force series which were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. While Super R-Type is well known for its unusual level of difficulty there are many people who remember Thunder Force II for its gameplay in general. After the first ever Thunder Force game was released back in 1983 as a Japanese exclusive Thunder Force II saw various improvements from its predecessor such as the inclusion of stages from a top-down perspective in addition to the side scrolling levels. Also, the Thunder Force II a unique weapon system along with CRAW add-on which enhanced ford power while protecting plate from enemy attacks.

Both Super R-Type along with Thunder Force II looked very impressive visually and were fun 2D titles to play back when the side scrolling shooter genre of gaming was still somewhat popular. In terms of gameplay some would probably give Thunder Force II the edge over Super R-Type. However, in relation to which game was more popular in general Super R-Type would be a game that most people would probably choose over Thunder Force II. Bu

Castlevania (1986) vs Contra (1987) which game was more popular during the 80’s?


When it comes down to big games from the 80’s many people instantly think about what appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System during that time period. Along with popular games such as the Super Mario Bros and the Legend of Zelda series there were also a couple of games developed by Konami which also captured the attention of many people who owned a NES console during the mid to late 80’s. Two of the most popular titles that Konami had developed for the NES were the original Castlevania & Contra games. The first Castlevania game appeared on the NES the same year Nintendo releases the original Legend of Zelda title and was considered to be one of the top action-platformers for the NES during 1986. Playing as Simon Belmont throughout eighteen different stages was a worthwhile experience for those who enjoyed in-depth platformers.


Contra on the other hand was a run and gun title which was very creative in relation to level design. While some stages were side scrolling 2D levels there where others that had pseudo 3D view like in Stage 2. Also, despite having a multiplayer mode the different for the original Contra game was insane. As far as 2D side scrolling run and gun titles are concerned some would probably put Contra above the likes of the original Mega Man game which was also released back in 1987. The NES Mega Man titles never had co-op multiplayer gameplay which is feature that made Contra special following its release during the mid 80’s. Also, unlike the original Castlevania title Contra had arcade release before it arrived on the NES and was a game arguably contributed to the rise in popularity of the run & gun genre during the 8-16 bit era of gaming. In terms of which game was more popular during the mid 80’s following their respective releases is debatable. While the original NES Castlevania title was fun for many people Konami’s best work within the series did not come until 90’s with the likes of Dracula X and Symphony of the Night. In this case there are more people who would most likely give the Contra game of ’87 the edge over Castlevania from ’86 in terms of popularity back in the 80’s.

Would an SNES remake of Zelda II: Adventure of Link have worked in the 90’s?

There is no doubt that the Legend of Zelda Trilogy is legendary in the world of gaming. But when it comes down to gameplay Zelda II: Adventure of Link stands out the most in the eyes of some people. The gameplay in Zelda II saw players travel in a top down world map along with side scrolling areas where players would battle enemies similar to the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES.

If Nintendo had made an attempt to remake Zelda II back in the early 90’s it would have been interesting. After all, Zelda II was considered a huge success on the NES following is release in NES in late 1988. However, since Nintendo eventually went back to having a top down perspective without side scrolling stages in Zelda: Link to the Past there would have been no point on remaking Zelda II for the SNES at all. In fact, making the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past have top down perspective gameplay throughout its entirety was one of the things that contributed to the game’s success following its release on the SNES in 1993.

Super Contra (1988) vs Mega Man II (1988) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to run and gun titles for the NES there is no doubt that Super Contra and Mega Man II were major titles for the 8 bit game consoles.  The cool thing about Super Contra was the fact that it was also a multiplayer game where players had to complete various side scrolling levels with Bill and Lance.  Unlike Mega Man, II, Super Contra had received an arcade release and was arguably one of the hottest run and gun titles that Konami had developed during the late 80’s.  This is not to say that Capcom’s Mega Man II was not that impressive as well.  Mega Man II was not only challenging but it also had a memorable soundtrack and tough boss battles.

In terms of sales Mega Man II was more successful than its prequel which was released back in December 1987.  On the NES Mega Man II had managed to sell over 1.5 million copies and is considered to be one of the best selling Mega Man titles in the series overall.  In terms of popularity its highly debatable which title was more popular considering the fact that Capcom and Konami were both making awesome games during the late 80’s-early 90’s time period.  Some would give the edge to Super Contra due to its high replay value and multiplayer gameplay.  Others would argue that Mega Man II was more challenging and was a cult hit since its release back in the late 80’s.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987) vs Super Mario Bros 2 (1988) which game was more underrated?

There is no doubt that the Super Mario Bros along with the Legend of Zelda were two of the biggest things in the gaming world back in the 80’s.  While the trilogy of both the Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda series are both considered to be legendary it generally varies among many people on which games were the most popular of each.  As many people the very first Super Mario Bros and Zelda games are considered to be timeless classics that many people still play to this day.  Also, Super Mario Bros 3 along with The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past were both simply amazing since they both featured the best gameplay along with providing players with decent challenges.  As far as Super Mario Bros 2 and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is concerned some people like at those two titles as the black sheep of each trilogy.

The gameplay utilized in Super Mario Bros 2 was not used in the first or third game in its trilogy.  The same thing can also be said about Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in regards to gameplay. Zelda II had a cross between overhead travel along with 2D side scrolling gameplay where player had to destroy enemies which was interesting.  Also, Super Mario Bros 2 gave players the chance to play not only as Mario and Luigi but also Toad and Princess Peach along with receiving a health meter.  Super Mario Bros 2, did not place any emphasis on power ups like the first or third game in the series which was one of the few things that made this game really stand out.  Despite, how different Zelda II and Super Mario Bros 2 was from other games within their respective series they were both still very successful on the NES back in the late 80’s.  In terms of sales Super Mario Brnos 2 managed to sell over ten million copies since its release while Zelda II: The Adventure of Link reached over four million worldwide.  In terms of sales Super Mario Bros 2 obviously had more success  but in terms of which game was better overall really depends on who you ask.

Super Mario Bros 3 vs Mega Man III which game was harder?

When it comes down to video games from the NES era of gaming there were consoles classics that many people enjoyed that were also very difficult. The Super Mario Bros series in general was tough to complete or many people but some argue that the tough game in the trilogy was either the second or third title. While it’s true that players got a chance to Warp Whistle’s to help them complete Super Mario Bros 3 the game itself felt more challenging than the first two titles at times.

However, when you look at a title like Mega Man 3 where there are no Warp Whistles or shortcuts players can take in order to complete the game than its almost a given that the game is going to be hard to complete. If one had to choose between Super Mario Bros 3 and Mega Man III in terms of which game is harder than without question many people would choose Mega Man 3. Each level of each stage of Mega Man 3 presented obstaclesthat could players could only overcome through trial and error. Also, in Mega Man III players often didn’t have enough lives to complete the whole game in one try. There is no doubt that Mega Man III was one of the hardest NES games of the early 90’s.

Should Duck Hunt have received a direct sequel?

Duck Hunt Nes

When we think about old school NES games of the 80’s Duck Hunt is one of the many games that instantly comes to mind for a majority of people who owned the Nintendo Entertainment System Duck Hunt was a rather violent yet simple game where players had to shoot a certain amount of targets to advance to another level.  One of the things that made Duck Hunt much more exciting was the fact that players had the chance to use the NES zapper while playing the game.  Looking back at the NES zapper accessory from the 80’s it looks similar to something that would have worked if Nintendo made a sequel for Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Wii.    In fact, the thought of not having a sequel for Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Wii is something that many people probably question to this day.


The Nintendo Wii was the perfect console to bring back an NES classic like Duck Hunt especially considering the fact that players could use Wii remote and nunchuck in mostly every game that was available for the console.    In fact, the Nintendo Wii did have its own zapper gun which could be used on games such as Dead Space Extraction, Golden Eye 007, House of the Dead and more.  In terms of preference its difficult to tell which console would have been best for a direct sequel for Duck Hunt but most people would probably agree that a succeeding game should have happened regardless.

Could the original Pacman have worked as a multiplayer game?


When original Pacman game was released in arcade centers back in the 80/s it was one of the most popular titles of that decade.  Not only was Pacman one of the most popular title of the 80’s but its seen as one of the most popular video games of all time.  Looking back it now some people would probably question on whether or not it would as a multiplayer title.  Generally, the goal of Pac Man games was for player to get all of the pixels without being attacked by ghosts and moving on to the next level which was a task that was much easier said than done.  Even though, the original Pac Man game was designed to be a single player title it would have been pretty cool to have seen a multiplayer version of the game in arcade centers.  Instead of just having Pac Man eat all the pixels it could have been set up where you had Pac Man and Miss Pac Man as Player 2 eat all of the pixels within a set amount of time.

While having the original Pac Man game has a single player title was successful in arcade centers and if it started off as a multiplayer game it probably would not achieved the level of success that it did back in the 80’s.   Having a game that literally has includes over 100 levels lets players know that a game like Pac Man was meant to be a single player game meaning that there was really no need for a multiplayer mode in arcade centers back in the 80’s.