Will cross platform gaming become very popular in the 2020’s?

As of right now it seems like one of the most talked about topics in the video game world right now aside from E3 2018 is the the controversy behind Sony’s decision to exclude cross platform gaming for the PS4. There are game consoles such as Cbox One along with the Nintendo Switch that allows cross platform gaming with titles such as Fortnite and Minecraft which many people are very impressed by. In some might argue that the concept of cross platform gameplay on different consoles may end up becoming the next big thing in the gaming world since the introduction of Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality gameplay has turned heads with the invention of technology PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. Despite, receiving mainstream attention back in 2016 Virtual Reality has yet to reach its peak in popularity. In fact, some are speculating that Virtual Reality will be more popular during the 2020’s. The question is will cross platform gaming explode in popularity during 2020’s as we are get close to the end of the 10’s decade.

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