Super Mario Bros 3 vs Mega Man III which game was harder?

When it comes down to video games from the NES era of gaming there were consoles classics that many people enjoyed that were also very difficult. The Super Mario Bros series in general was tough to complete or many people but some argue that the tough game in the trilogy was either the second or third title. While it’s true that players got a chance to Warp Whistle’s to help them complete Super Mario Bros 3 the game itself felt more challenging than the first two titles at times.

However, when you look at a title like Mega Man 3 where there are no Warp Whistles or shortcuts players can take in order to complete the game than its almost a given that the game is going to be hard to complete. If one had to choose between Super Mario Bros 3 and Mega Man III in terms of which game is harder than without question many people would choose Mega Man 3. Each level of each stage of Mega Man 3 presented obstaclesthat could players could only overcome through trial and error. Also, in Mega Man III players often didn’t have enough lives to complete the whole game in one try. There is no doubt that Mega Man III was one of the hardest NES games of the early 90’s.

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