Super R-Type vs Gley Lancer which game was better?

Both Super R Type and Gley Lancer were great rail-shooter games back in the early 90’s when the genre itself was still popular. In terms of which game is better between Super R Type and Gley Lancer is hard to decide because both game seemed equally challenging and fun. In terms of which game has better visuals and graphics really depends on whether you are more of a SNES or Sega Genesis fan.

But in terms of popularity many can argue that Super R Type was more popular then Gley Lancer. Back in the early 90’s Super R Type was released in countries such as America and Europe while Gley Lancer remained an Japanese exclusive for the Sega Genesis in 1992. While Gley Lancer was eventually released outside of Japan in 2008 it was a game that could have been very popular in countries like America in the early 90’s. Even though, Gley Lancer & Super R Type cool rail shooter games it’s hard to choose one over the other.

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