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Should Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria be remade in HD?

When it comes down to RPG titles of the 00’s Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria is a title that does not get mentioned quite has much in comparison to titles such as Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy 12 and others.  For over a decade the world has waited to see some type of HD remake for Valkyrie Profile 2 preferably on the PS4.  

Despite, the fact that some people found the game to be very challenging in terms of difficulty the storyline for Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria was creative and made for an exciting RPG especially considering the fact that the plot takes place a century before the first game.  If there is any RPG title from the 00’s that Square Enix should remake in HD Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria is one that instantly comes mind.  

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