Retro Gaming- Art of Fighting 2: (1994)


The arcade fighting titles of the early 90’s were truly amazing since it was a time where 2D gaming was starting to become much better in quality.  While there were so many arcade classics that were enjoyable during the early 90’s the Art of Fighting series is generally popular among hardcore fans of the fighting genre rather than casual players.  When Art of Fighting 2 was released in arcade centers worldwide many people were excited to see some of their favorite characters return from the original game such as Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Lee Pai Long, Ryuhaku Todoh, King and Mickey Rogers make return.  Art of Fighting 2 had also featured new characters such as Yuri Sakazaki, Temijin, Eilji Kisaragi along with Gesse Howard who is one of the boss characters for this game.   Another boss character in this game known as Mr. Big had also made his return from the original Art of Fighting title.

Not only was the visual design for this classic 2D game great but the soundtrack for this game is pretty cool.  One of the things that stands out the most about Art of Fighting 2 included the challenging arcade mode this game provided.  Even though, the first Art of Fighting game was very challenging the second installment had seemed impossible especially if the series was new to you.  However, despite how tough Art of Fighting 2 is the game had included a few elements that made the arcade mode very interesting.  The dialogue between characters before and after they battled was pretty good because it contributed to the storytelling aspect of Art of Fighting 2.  Also, Art of Fighting 2 also does a good job in getting key parts of the main plot across during the intro along with using in game action to provide players with more anticipation for the game itself.  In Art of Fighting 2 SNK was kind enough to bring back the bonus stages from the original game released in 1992.  The bonus stages in this game included “Spirit Training” along with”Strength Training” which were both fun but by no means easy in anyway.   The combination of  various elements that made the first Art of Fighting popular along with the improved graphics and gameplay of the second game  highly contributes to the overall replay value of this game.  Art of Fighting 2 was an exciting fighting title that people can spend hours playing along with their friends for the Neo Geo or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  This game might have been very popular in the 1990’s but people who are true fans of the old school 2D fighting genre would still have a great time playing Art of Fighting 2 today like it was just released.

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