Retro Gaming- Star Ocean Till the End of Time: (2003)


There were so many cool RPG classics that have been released for over the past twenty five years.  When it came down to three dimensional role playing games the early  and mid 2000’s stands out as a time period where so many great three dimensional role playing titles had emerged.  One of the great classics that emerged from the early 2000’s was Star Ocean: Till the End of time which was developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2.  Even though, the Japanese version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was originally released in 2003 many people are more familiar with the Director’s Cut which was released a year later since they were aware of the glitches that existed in the first one.  This Star Ocean game has excellent gameplay along with a very interesting story.  The setting for this game takes place in the 29th century but the places you visit including Vanguard III and Elicoir II has civilization that reflects the 16th and 17th century in terms of technology.


This game mainly focuses on Fayt who travels to various worlds after Hyda IV is ambushed by the Vendeeni who ends up creating a war with the  Pangalatic Federation.   Throughout the game Fayt along with Sophia meets various other important characters including Cliff, Mirage, Peppita, Roger, Albel, Nel and others who help her out as the story progresses.  In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time players can have fun with various features aspects of this game including item creation along with the skill system included for each character.  However, some might argue that Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is more complicated than fun.  The item creation system in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was far more difficult for many people to grasp in this game in comparison to “Second Story” which was released for the PS2.  The attack system in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was pretty cool since characters could provide light & heavy offense against opponents along with being provided with a fury meter.


Each character is also provided with Health Points (HP) and Mental Points (MP) which can easily deplete if they are attacked or if they constantly use special moves, symbology or runelogy.  Players must be very careful during battle because if the run out of HP or MP they can easily lose their battles.  As far as in game battles are concerned there are various challenges that players will face throughout the game but in terms of boss battles. Some people would agree that the toughest opponents in the game include Crystal Cerberus and Robin Wind.  Although, tough if one was able to master the mechanics of the game they should be able to defeat each boss with slightly less difficulty. Along with having improved but complicated mechanics the story for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time becomes more interesting after learning that the universe was a fictional computer simulation in comparison to the 4D space that existed in the game.   While many people found the plot for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time  to be somewhat confusing at times others felt that it was an exciting fictional story with unexpected twists that adds more appeal to the game itself.


Since its release in the early 2000’s Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has sold at least 1.7 million units worldwide.  Not only did Star Ocean: Till the End of Time sell over 1 million units around the world but it also surpassed Star Ocean: Second Story which was released in the late 90’s in terms of sales which was impressive.  While some people might argue that Star Ocean: Second Story was far less complicated in terms of gameplay they might also believe that Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was more challenging and exciting considering the fact that the Director’s Cut had included multiplayer gameplay.  The early and mid 2000’s was such a glorious time to be a fan of three dimensional role playing games and many cool titles such as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was the reason way due to the amount of innovation and creativity that went into developing the game itself.


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