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Classic Gaming- SSX 3: (2003)


We all remember how popular the SSX series was during the early 2000’s.  The first game EA had released in 2000 for the PlayStation 2 both was innovative and exciting.  The sequel to the original game called SSX Tricky was also considered to be a huge success and received positive reviews from numerous critics.  After SSX Tricky was released many fans of the series were anxious about the possibility of a sequel and what types of improvements would be made.  In 2003, the third installment of snowboarding series entitled SSX 3 was developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports Big.  Similar to its predecessor SSX 3 was released for multiple game consoles including PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance.


The various features in SSX 3 added depth to the game itself because it allowed players compete different race types under specific circumstances.  An example would include the backcountry races where a player’s rival would challenge them to a race.  After players win the backcountry races they were able to compete in peak races where they were responsible for beat a rival’s time record for completing course.  SSX 3 had also included both freestyle and racing events where people are allowed to improve their skills in order to master the game.  During the races players earned medals ranging from gold to bronze depending on how they performed similar to SSX Tricky.  A new feature SSX 3 had added was the online multiplayer mode which seemed like a very cool concept in theory but after the release of the game the makers of the series decided not to move forward with it.


Along with being one of the highest selling games in the series SSX 3 had included a decent soundtrack from popular bands such as N.E.R.D., Royksopp, and many more.  After its initial release SSX 3 received praise from many different gaming publications for its improvement in comparison to SSX Tricky.  The PlayStation 2 and Xbox version of the game received similar ratings from multiple gaming magazines such as: GamePro, GameZone, and PlayStation Magazine scoring SSX 3 in the nine point bracket on a scale from one to ten.  The Gameboy Advance version dealt with constraints of the 32-bit handheld console which would deprive players out of the full experience they would receive if they played the PlayStation 2 and Xbox version of SSX 3.


When people ask which port of SSX 3 is the best usually the answer varies depending on person but most critics usually point to the PlayStation 2 version.  Many people believe that PS2 version of SSX 3 had slightly more superior gameplay and graphics while others would say the same thing about the Xbox port.  However,  the PlayStation 2 version had received a five-star rating from publications such as: GamePro GameZone, and PlayStation Magazine.   As great as SSX 3 is many fans are polarized about whether or not this game is better than its prequel. Some people would argue SSX 3 is just as good as its prequel while many others believe its better.

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