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Classic Gaming- Final Fantasy XII: (2006)


When we think about classic RPG games we think about many titles released for various consoles including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.  In the RPG genre one of the first titles that come to mind is the Final Fantasy series.  Square Enix have produced many great Final Fantasy games for over the past decade including IV, VII, VIII, and IX.  But when we talk about great Final Fantasy games it would almost be impossible to exclude XII from that category.  Final Fantasy XII was probably the best 3D games in the series that was developed for PlayStation 2 by Square Enix in 2006.  Final Fantasy XII was definitely one of the best 3D installments in the series and while many people have been demanding a remake or re-release for this game they are still waiting for Square Enix to take action.  There have been several reports throughout the past year about game being re-released but many people are not entirely sure if it will  happen or not.


If Square Enix does remake Final Fantasy XII it would be nice to see it released on the PlayStation Network.  The re-release of Final Fantasy XII will give many people who have never played the game on the PS2 an opportunity to experience the outstanding gameplay it provided.  The game’s re-release will also give people who have played it an opportunity to relieve past in high definition with key characters such as: Balthier, Vaan, Ashe, and many more.  As many people know this game was highly rated by various gaming publications including IGN, Edge, EGM, and GameSpot along with winning numerous “Game of the Year” awards in the year 2006.  Since it has been almost a decade many people would agree that if there was a Final Fantasy game that deserves a remake along with FFVII it would be XII.

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