Super Mario Advance Trilogy coming to Switch Online eShop

The Super Mario Advance trilogy from the 2000’s brings back so many memories. The Game Boy Advance was one of the best handheld games systems to have emerge from the 2000’s decade. We were treated with remakes of classics from the NES/SNES era including Super Mario Bros 3, Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario World. All remakes of the games just mentioned reached over five million copies in terms of sales for the Game Boy Advance. The Super Mario Advance games were among the most popular video games for GBA behind games like Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It was recently announced that Super Mario Advance 1–3 will be re-released on the Nintendo Switch Online eShop on May 26th. It has not been made clear whether or not Super Mario Advance 4 will be appearing on the Nintendo Switch Online eShop in the future; but since it was a remastered version of Super Mario Bros 3 many people have high hopes on that becoming a reality in the future. Hopefully, Nintendo decides to bring the Sonic Advance trilogy to the Nintendo Switch Online eShop later down the line.

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