Does ZombiU deserve a 4K HD Remake?

There are many people who probably do not remember Ubisoft’s survival horror game ZombiU which appeared exclusively on the Wii-U console back in 2012. The reason why ZombiU never became more popular than it should have been was because it appeared on a game system that ended up being a commercial failure in comparison to the Wii console. ZombiU was a game that looked like it belonged on the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 back in 2012 mainly because the Wii-U console was primarily designed to cater to children opposed to young adults. ZombiU was probably one of the few “M” rated video games to have appeared on the Wii-U console and it surprisingly stood out more in comparison to other third party titles that appeared on eighth generation console. The story for ZombiU was unexpectedly better than many imagined as the plot revolved around a prophetic plague known as the Second Blight which was responsible for the zombie epidemic which occurs within the game. The intro for the game was ominous and even quoted a scripture from Chapter 9 in the book of Revelations. The gameplay for ZombiU was also impressive despite not being a massive commercial success. Despite, its low sales a 4K HD remake of ZombiU on Nintendo Switch would be awesome but its likely to be overshadowed by first party games from the Mario, Zelda or Smash Bros series. If Ubisoft ever decided to remake ZombiU for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X it would most likely be overshadowed by survival horror titles within the Resident Evil or Silent Hill series. But seeing that the survival horror genre is staring to become more popular than it has been in the past few years Ubisoft should definitely do something with ZombiU. While a sequel for ZombiU seems very unlikely a Remake of the game would definitely turn heads within the game world if appeared on a console like the Switch or even Nintendo’s next generation console.

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