Super Metroid- Does it deserve a 3D Remake?

The Super Metroid game from ‘93 is considered a classic from many people within the gaming community. It’s hard to believe that Super Metroid is almost 30 years old; especially considering the fact that 2D gaming began to decline in popularity back in the early 00’s. Super Metroid was arguably one of the best video games to have ever appeared on the SNES console and managed to break over 1.4 million copies in sales. Despite, its success in the 90’s along the iconic status the game achieved back in the 90’s the game never received a 3D remake. Back in 2019 we got a 3D Remake of Zelda: Link’s Awakening from ‘93 and many believe that the Super Metroid series deserves more love than it gets. As it currently stands we are still waiting for the upcoming release of Metroid Prime 4 a game that people have been waiting to see for almost two decades now. If Nintendo truly had plans to give Super Metroid a 3D Remake they probably would have done so by now. However, considering the fact that 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Super Metroid its always possible that Nintendo could do something special in relation to the game within that year. While Nintendo has not announced any plans on remastering or remaking Super Metroid in the future its something that would definitely turn heads within the gaming world if an announcement is ever made.

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