Will hardware game consoles be obsolete by 2030?

The gaming industry is one that has been highly profitable developers and corporations like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony for the past few decades now. We have numerous generations of game systems in the Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation and Xbox family mainly because consoles are what people buy to enjoy the games made for the product that corporations produce. While the past three decades including the 90’s, 00’s and 10’s decades saw probably billions of dollars made between Sony, Sega Nintendo and Microsoft it seems like nowadays people are turning more towards streaming video games in general. The popularity of PC gaming has increase immensely since the early 90’s and during the 2010’s decade it has become more popular than it has ever been. Some wonder whether or not video game consoles will become obsolete by the time we reach the 2030’s decade. The truth is video game corporations will continue to do whatever they possibly can to make profit and since people are still purchasing their game systems around the world; we will continue to see the production of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles. One argument that could be made against that point would be the current shape of the world economy especially western countries like America where the cost of living is having an adverse effect on its citizens. Since America is likely to enter another recession in 2023 there are many people who are more concerned about survival than purchasing game systems that averages between $550-$700 online or in retail only to have pay for additional features such as monthly subscriptions services. Also, its no secret that gaming companies are becoming more greedy with the inclusion of micro-transactions in their video games which is a turn off to many people. With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X being priced higher than their respective predecessors some wonder how it will affect the overall sales for both consoles before the end of the 2020’s decade.

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