Most underrated game system of all-time?

The Dreamcast console is one that is considered to be legendary among many hardcore gamers despite not being a massive commercial success. When the Dreamcast console was released back in ’98 it looked far better than original PlayStation console and the Nintendo 64 did graphically. Dreamcast was one of the few game systems of the 90’s that did not have lengthy loading times which added to its overall appeal. Dreamcast was also a system that enable four player gameplay similar to the N64 along being an innovator of online gaming. During a majority of the 90’s and early 00’s there was hardly any online gameplay for any game system. However, there were games such as Phantasy Star: Online which became popular and helped revolutionize online gaming since it became something that Microsoft and Sony had perfected during the 00’s and 10’s decades. Dreamcast was game that also gave us some underrated yet memorable classic titles that any hardly ever talks about such as: Jet Set Radio, Power Stone 2, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic Adventure 2 and many more. The Dreamcast console felt like a less popular version of the PS2 console before Sony officially released the PlayStation 2 back in late 2000. In 1998, Sega had produced arguably the best game system of the 90’s decade and most likely suffered in sales due to lack of high profile third party games. There were third Party video game corporations like Square Enix which produced RPG’s mainly for the PS1 during the late 90’s; which definitely played a role in hurting the sales of the N64 and Dreamcast. If Square Enix had done business with Sega between ’97-’00 than its quite possible that the Dreamcast console would have ended up becoming far more successful than it did. But there is no question that the Dreamcast console was ahead of its time during the late 90’s making it one of most underrated game systems of all-time.

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