Retro Gaming 00’s- Need For Speed: Nitro (2009)

The Need for Speed series has been around for almost 30 years and there were many memorable installments within the franchise including Underground 1 & 2, Carbon, Rivals and Heat. There have been an handful of titles within the NFS series that has been overlooked including games like Need For Street: Pro-Street and Nitro ’07-’09. Need For Speed: Nitro was licensed by Electronic Arts and was developed by EA Montreal and was released for the Wii and the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS version of the game was developed by Firebrand Games and was clearly not as good Wii port. In terms of graphics Need For Speed: Nitro was not quite as good as the Pro-Street game from ’07 but considering the fact that it was on the Wii opposed to the Xbox 360 it was not surprising. Despite, having inferior graphics in comparison to NFS: Pro-Street the Nitro title looked and felt more like an arcade racer which was good thing. NFS: Nitro included numerous race tracks in various different countries including: Brazil, Cairo, Egypt, Rio De Janeiro, Spain, Madrid and other places.

The co-op world tour campaign was also another major highlight in NFS: Nitro while players were provided with a unique racing experience being able to use the Wii remote and steering wheel. Players were able to unlock brand new cars, parts and race tracks throughout the game and were able to have up to four players on the co-op world tour campaign. One of the biggest drawbacks of NFS: Nitro is the fact that the game included less licensed cars than its predecessors. Need For Speed: Nitro only included around 35 different cars while Pro-Street had 55 vehicles which may have bother some people at the time. but the gameplay mechanics in NFS: Nitro were also considered to be plus mainly because players accumulated points throughout races for things such as: drifting and utilizing nitro boosts. The “Own It” aesthetic in NFS: Nitro was seen as a unique but arguably unnecessary feature to the game despite it contributing to the overall quality of the races themselves. Even though, the Wii console was extremely popular during the late 00’s Need For Speed: Nitro was not a huge commercial success like its predecessors from ’03-’07. Following Need For Speed Underground 1& 2 along with NFS: Most Wanted the series seemingly began to decline in popularity slowly overtime with Nitro being one of the weakest installments of the 00’s decade. Despite, not being nearly as popular as it predecessors NFS: Nitro was still a decent racing game by ’09 standards that casuals could enjoy on the Wii console back in the day.

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