Retro Gaming 90’s- Yu-GI-Oh! Forbidden Memories: (1999)

There are many people who remember how popular the Yu-Gi-Oh card game was throughout the 00’s decade. When it came down to trading card games in general many people would argue that Yu-Gi-Oh had exceeded Pokemon in terms of popularity. In terms of video games Pokemon has always been more popular than Yu-Gi-Oh but the Forbidden Memories game from ’99 was considered a memorable classic; while arguably being the best game to come from the legendary collectable card series. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories was developed and published by Konami and released for the original PlayStation game system where players controlled the main protagonist Yugi Mutou. The Forbidden Memories game included both single-player and multiplayer gameplay where players must have at a deck of at least 40 different cards. Players were able to engage in summoning various types of monsters during each turn whether it be normally or ritually.

Battles continued battling until players Life Points reached zero and players got to see various cutscenes throughout the game as they progressed throughout story mode. The absence of voice over acting within the cutscenes was something that definitely hurt the overall quality of the story mode for Forbidden Memories. The lack of soundtrack for the cutscenes in Forbidden Memories was also a negative but the character designs and animation was pretty decent. The 3D gameplay included in duels of Forbidden Memories was probably the best thing about the game itself despite how daunting it was to learn how to play while learning the rules. For some reason the mechanics of Forbidden Memories was slightly different from the trading card game which was very confusing for many people who were new to the Yu-Gi-Oh series altogether. While many people would argue that Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses from PS2 was a more superior game in terms of quality some would go on record and claim that Forbidden Memories was more memorable.

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